Update 5.0.0-beta67
  • Fixed images pasted into chat not having a proper file name in some scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where channel chat could show a different nickname than server tree
  • Fixed not showing an error when changing your nickname on a server failed
  • Fixed a minor issue in Linux desktop file
  • Fixed an issue with open private chat not working correctly
  • Fixed context menus not opening correctly in some cases
  • Fixed not loading the current theme file from disk when refreshing themes
  • Fixed missing multi select menu
  • Fixed a crash on Linux / Mac
  • Fixed icon cache not being used in some cases
  • Fixed wrong / missing error codes when uploading files in some scenarios
  • Fixed opening random chats when double clicking own client
  • Fixed an issue creating folders
  • Fixed an issue with room discovery not updating when switching modes
  • Fixed an issue requiring a client restart after removing an audio device
  • Fixed settings not updating when the system audio devices changed
  • Fixed several issues with ignored users
  • Fixed bookmarks having a broken icon when cache was cleared
  • Fixed not showing some permissions
  • Added loading indicator to server icon view
  • Added default myteamspeak.com server when adding contacts
  • Reduced the priority speaker icon size
  • Removed animation from talk power request icon when client is not in focus
  • Removed pin and delete message option from context menu for events
  • Updated chromium
Update 5.0.0-beta65.1
  • Reduced likelihood of running into flood protections
Update 5.0.0-beta65
  • Added ability to encrypt private chats with other contacts
  • Fixed editing the default channel on the server without making any changes
  • Encryption can be enabled in the context menu of a contact. If you experience issues with encrypted chats please let us know and provide log files. Remove a contact and add them again (and don't enable encryption again) to resolve issues in the meantime.
Update 5.0.0-beta64
  • Fixed unread counter not appearing for channel chat
  • Fixed not showing mentions, emojis and spoilers properly in Windows notifications
  • Fixed channel chat not giving an unread indicator in the activities
  • Fixed rare crash on connect
  • Fixed teamspeak:// links in channel description not working
  • Added drag and drop support to add a contact to an existing category
  • Added use privilege key option again which went AWOL
  • Added separation line below audio test record option
  • Added custom away status feature
  • Remove notification bell pulse effect when client is not in focus to reduce GPU load with current Nvidia drivers
  • Updated chromium
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  •                                Join TeamSpeak Server Project74 Klick  HIER
  •      Hinweis:  

             Wir empfehlen, zum Verbinden auf den Server die Domain (voice.project74.de) zu verwenden!

                »  Die Domain kann man sich jeder besser merken.
                »  Sollte sich mal die IP-Adresse ändern durch einen (Serverwechsel),
                    kommt man mit der Domain weiterhin auf den Server.

              We recommend to use the domain (voice.project74.de) to connect to the server!

                 »  The domain can be easier to remember.
                 »  If the IP-address changes, you can use 
                     the domain to connect to the server.


TemSpeak Server IP: voice.project74.de
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