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-= Changelog =-
Version 5.5.7 (28.12.2015)
+ If an error occur while loading or saving the configuration, a stack trace with error message will be written to the bot log.
- Bugfix: Chat command add of the Server Group Protection had problems with the comments of the protected clients. (thx to InS)
          In some situations the configuration of the Server Group Protection was saved wrong (missing entries or wrong comments).
          It was also not possible to write comments with spaces using the add chat command (sometimes one single word is not enough).
          Both problems are fixed now.
- Bugfix: If the bot is checking the configuration or updating the config file, no useless error messages should be visible now.
- Bugfix: !botcfgsave was not working correctly after the !botreload or !botreloadall command was used.

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