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-= Changelog =-
Version 6.0.7 (20.03.2016)
+ Added optional MySQL settings (compression, require SSL, etc.).
  Look into the JTS3ServerMod_InstanceManager.cfg to configure them.
+ ServerGroupNotify allows to set none at both message modes now.
- Bugfix: Log file handle was removed to fast, some log messages while stopping the bot could not be written to log file. (bug since version 6.0.6)
- Bugfix at the AutoKickTimer plugin: In some cases, if the JTS3ServerMod and the TS3 server running on different machines with
                                      different hardware clock settings, the AutoKickTimer was not working correctly.
o Updated source code in the file documents/plugin_sources/AutoKickTimer_src.zip
o The JTS3ServerMod itself and all functions now show the full absolute path to config files on errors.
o Absolute path to log files will be written to the standard system output (console window).

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