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-= Changelog =-
Version 6.0.6 (13.03.2016)
+ Added new chat command !botlog to get the information where you can find the bot log.
+ You can reload the bot full admin list without stopping the JTS3ServerMod process.
  Just change the list and use the manual instance list reload button on the web interface,
  the telnet command instancelistreload or the chat command !botinstancelistreload
- Bugfix: It was impossible to change the log path / log mode without restarting the JTS3ServerMod process.
          Now you only have to stop the virtual bot instance and start it again after you made changes to the log path or
          log mode in the JTS3ServerMod_InstanceManager.cfg file or in the database table jts3servermod_instances.
- Bugfix: Make sure that the file handle will be closed, if the bot log will be written to a file.
o Updated some bot command help messages.

Web Interface 3.0 Build 3015 (13.03.2016)
+ The bot log page now shows a message if the bot log is disabled or the target is not the database.
+ The bot log can be deleted without the login log using the web interface now.
  In this step you are able to delete entries older than two and three months now.
+ Now it is possible to send a manual instance list reload command to the JTS3ServerMod using the web interface.
o On new installations of the web interface the new default of logmode in the database table jts3servermod_instances is now 2 (database as target).
o Changed or added files: include/botlist.php, include/botlogview.php, include/botlogview_functions.php, templates/botlist_admin.tmpl,
                          templates/botlist_instancelistreload.tmpl, templates/botlog.tmpl, templates/botlog_disabled.tmpl, templates/botlog_delete.tmpl,
                          ajax.php, data/css/bright.css, data/css/dark.css, sql/default.sql, sql/autoupdate/3015.sql

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