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  • Fixed server links not behaving correctly with some input
  • Fixed connecting indefinitely when using a privilege key on connect
  • Fixed bans not being created / no error being shown when user left server
  • Fixed whisper notifications appearing on every server rather than the server on which they happened
  • Added sound when receiving a whisper
  • Added context menu to user name on join, leave, kick and ban messages
  • Added notification center to the bell icon
  • Added ability for third party applications to be notified of TeamSpeak events
  • Changed default view to chat when selecting a channel
  • Third party applications need to establish a connection and then send an authentication request. The user will then need to authorize the remote application in the settings before the application can receive any events. Once the user has authorized the application, said application will start receiving events through its connection.

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Client Release 3.5.6 - 25 Nov 2020

29. November 2020

=== Client Release 3.5.6 - 25 Nov 2020! TeamSpeak is going back to the roots remembering its core values. Big thanks to our community and our users for your trust...

Update 5.0.0-beta55

03. Juni 2021

Update 5.0.0-beta55 2.6.2021 Added ability for remote applications to send hotkeys Notification center tweaks Fixed pinned message size when pinning message containing multi line code blocks Fixed potentially banning too...

Server Release 3.13.2 18 November 2020

12. Juni 2021

## Server Release 3.13.2 18 November 2020 ### Fixed- Server does not start when serveradmin account is not found.

Client Release 3.5.5 - 04 Nov 2020

29. November 2020

=== Client Release 3.5.5 - 04 Nov 2020- Fixed crash in the comfort noise algorithm- Fixed crash in audio processing (reported by Stefan Schiller aka scryh)

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