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Update 5.0.0-beta51
  • Support opening the client and connect to server using ts3server:// and tsserver:// links. Format is identical to TS3.
  • Fixed an issue downloading files containing invalid characters
  • Fixed using wrong directory when switching file browser between channels
  • Show most recently transferred files above the list
  • Open file browser with middle mouse click
  • Added support for dragging files onto a folder to move them within the file browser
  • Added categories to activities area
  • Tweaked file transfer and server log UI
  • Added unread indicator to current channel chat button
  • Fixed issues with highlighting whisper targets
  • Removed kick and ban options in contact chats
  • Removed special handling of Alt+F4
  • Fixed an issue with minimize to tray
  • Fixed a rare crash managing whisper lists
  • Hide privilege key overlay when the server connection is lost
  • Added icon to Linux client
  • Added ability to clear file transfer history

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Client Release 3.5.6 - 25 Nov 2020

29. November 2020

=== Client Release 3.5.6 - 25 Nov 2020! TeamSpeak is going back to the roots remembering its core values. Big thanks to our community and our users for your trust...

Server Release 3.13.3 17 December 2020

22. Dezember 2020

## Server Release 3.13.3 17 December 2020 ### Fixed- Privilege escalation issue (thanks to alex97000)

Update 5.0.0-beta52.1

08. Mai 2021

Update 5.0.0-beta52.1 7.5.2021 Fixed potential UI freeze on fresh installation when a member of big chats Fixed not attempting to connect to secondary addresses if the first one fails

Server Release 3.13.2 18 November 2020

22. November 2020

 ## Server Release 3.13.2 18 November 2020 ### Fixed- Server does not start when serveradmin account is not found.

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