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=== Client Release 3.1 26 Aug 2016
* UI overhaul for account create/login dialogs, bookmarks and identities
* When creating an account via Options/Account, all existing local items will
  be moved to remote if sync is enabled and automatic sync mode is used, based
  on user feedback where people wondered why there is no synchronization but
  had not realized the items were imported locally when they aborted the
  first-run create account dialog.
* TSDNS now uses the list https://publicsuffix.org/list/public_suffix_list.dat
  to determine at what level the client should query for a TSDNS server. It
  will pick the domain 1 level below the domains on that list. For example: for
  a.b.c.co.uk it will pick c.co.uk since co.uk is on that list.
- Fixed a bug where the password was not automatically stored into the password
  field upon creating an account in the options dialog.
- Fixes for duplicated empty default hotkey profiles.
- Fixed permission descriptions not loading properly from permissions_<xx>.qm
- Fixed country flags not showing when located in APPDATA.
- Don't print server IP in servertab when connecting.
- Fixed some crashes found in crashdumps uploaded from our beta users (thanks!)
- Fixed whisper reply which threw an assertion.
- Fixed whisper legacy import messing up whisperlist uuids
- Fixed plugin API requestHotkeyInputDialog, the created hotkey was unusable
  because some fields were not filled properly.
- Backported 3.0.19 unicode crash fix.
- Fixed rare SSL connection error to sync server on Windows.
- Changed "Global Nickname" to "Username"
- Changed "My TeamSpeak" to "myTeamSpeak"
+ Added support for myTeamSpeak. Signing up for a myTeamSpeak account will
  allow you to synchronize your bookmarks, identities, hotkeys, whisper lists
  and channel subscriptions. Upcoming myTeamSpeak features will include addons
  synchronization, addons update management, and more.
+ Added IPv6 support
+ Filetransfer backend rewritten
+ New improved echo cancellation implementation
+ Addons now install into user directory by default, where no UAC is required
  unless using a portable installation.
+ All backend for bookmarks, identities, hotkeys, whisperlists, subscriptions,
  addons etc. rewritten, using new storage system across all devices.
+ New implementation of TSDNS. Important change: The client now only looks for
  a TSDNS server on a toplevel SRV record. For server name a.b.c.d.e the client
  will only search for a TSDNS server with a SRV record named _tsdns._tcp.d.e
+ Added russian and japanese translations.
+ Upgraded C++ runtime to Visual Studio 2015. Added support to install the
  Microsoft C++ runtime package on demand during update process.
* Submenus temporarily removed from Self menu on OS X until we find a
  workaround for Qt 5.6.1 issue with submenus not updating properly.

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