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Server Release 3.3.0 26 july 2018

1 Jahr 10 Monate her #174 von Dr.No
=== Server Release 3.3.0 26 july 2018
Added: We are proud to introduce myTeamSpeak integrations for Twitch. With it you can link your Twitch account
with myTeamSpeak and configure the Server to give every twitch subscriber a group when he joins the server.
It will be taken away automatically, should the user unsubscribe again.
Added: We added SSH for the server query... that took a while, didn't it?
To enable start the server with "query_protocols=raw,ssh", and connect to port 10022.
A few points of note:
* the ssh support comes with new command line parameters, see doc/server_quickstart.txt for more information.
* we also added history, tab-completion and keyboard shortcuts like killing, yanking and searching.
* there is a maximum of 4096 characters per input line. We might fix that in a later version.
* Bot or admin tools connecting over ssh should not allocate a PTY, giving access to the good old query,
just encrypted - and without the 4096 characters limit per input line.
* We overhauled server query flooding. It is now more forgiving, allowing for naive implementations that still run fast.
Added: The new commandline option 'serverquerydocs_path' allows to override where the server is looking for the
serverquerydocs directory. Not particularly interesting we know, but it allows us to fix the 'help' command
in docker images, finally.

Fixed: We added a fix for those annoying instance check errors on Windows. Might not catch all cases though, keep those reports coming.
Fixed: The channel_needed_subscribe_power finally shows the actual power needed to subscribe to a channel, and not just 0.
Fixed: As some have already noted, the last release broke client_lastconnected, so we unbroke it for this release.

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