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Web Interface 3.0

2 Jahre 8 Monate her #100 von Dr.No
Web Interface 3.0 wurde erstellt von Dr.No
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3025 (09.10.2016)
+ New setting for the contact form: Usage is only allowed after login. If you want, no guests can use it.
- Bugfix: Escaped a single quote wrong in the default.sql and 3024.sql file. This is fixed now.
o Changed or added files: index.php, include/contact.php, include/settings.php, sql/default.sql, sql/autoupdate/3024.sql, sql/autoupdate/3025.sql

Web Interface 3.0 Build 3024 (09.10.2016)
+ Added the new settings from JTS3ServerMod 6.3.0.
+ Admins can now delete inactive user accounts in the User Manager with less clicks, which have no bots and are not admins.
Similar to the inactive bot deletion, introduced in build 3017.
+ New contact form, which allows users to send an email to a specified email address, without to know the email address.
If a user is logged in, name and mail address is already in the contact form. Also a list of bots will be displayed for bot related questions.
The recipient get a direct link to the bot settings in this case. This contact form can be disabled in the Web Interface settings.
+ It is now possible to create a new bot and copy all settings from another bot.
Permission to create a new bot is needed (or being an admin, of course).
Just click on the "copy bot" button in the bot list.
- Bugfix: All outgoing mails now have the right text encoding set (UTF-8), so special characters should be displayed fine in all email clients.
- Bugfix: Fixed smaller design errors.
o Added error messages to the bot user management and the web interface user management, if the bot does not exists or the admin level is to low.
o Using a special url, tabs in the web interface settings can be opened directly. This is used to open the Query Interface settings directly.
o Removed more HTML code from the PHP files and put them into tmpl files.
o Changed or added files: include/userlist.php, include/register.php, include/contact.php, include/Translation.php, include/settings.php,
include/botcreate.php, include/botlist.php, include/botmanager.php, include/botheaderfunctions.php, include/botuser.php, templates/backtomain.tmpl,
templates/botcreate.tmpl, templates/botcreate_default.tmpl, templates/botlist_all_row.tmpl, templates/botlist_row.tmpl, templates/botlist_row_copy.tmpl,
templates/botlist_row_rename.tmpl, templates/contact.tmpl, templates/contact_email.tmpl, templates/framemenu.tmpl, templates/framemenu_user.tmpl,
templates/settings.tmpl, templates/userlist.tmpl, templates/userlist_deleteinactiveusers.tmpl, templates/userlist_deleteinactiveusers_row.tmpl,
index.php, sql/default.sql, sql/autoupdate/3024.sql, images/email.png, images/page_copy.png

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