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Version 6.4.2

1 Jahr 8 Monate her #152 von Dr.No
Version 6.4.2 wurde erstellt von Dr.No
-= Changelog =-
Version 6.4.2 (07.10.2017)
+ New setting for the AutoMove function to ignore the default channel from client.
Do an -updateconfig or check the ConfigHelp documentation for the new setting.
+ Chat command !listinactivechannels got a new argument nospacer to ignore spacer channels in the list.
o List command from InactiveChannelCheck will now sort the channel list by inactivity time.
o Removed the dependencies to java.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter, to allow using Java 9 without adding modules.
o Some system information will be written into the JTS3ServerMod_InstanceManager.log file and to system out.
o Updated dnsjava library to 2.1.8.
o Updated MySQL Connector/J to version 5.1.44.
o Updated Windows exe files using Launch4j 3.11, which supports Java 9.

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