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Web Interface 3.0 Build 3026

2 Jahre 6 Monate her #108 von Dr.No
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3026 wurde erstellt von Dr.No
Web Interface 3.0 Build 3026 (07.12.2016)
- Bugfix: Description of the bot function InactiveClientsCleaner was missing in some cases. (thx to Firehunter)
o Channel Group and Server Group lists are now sorted alphabetical.
o Changed text field size for the unique id at the Server Group Protection.
o Changed or added files: include/botmanager.php, include/formularfunctions.php, include/functions/servergroupprotection.php,
data/css/bright.css, data/css/dark.css, sql/default.sql, sql/autoupdate/3026.sql

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