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Version 6.3.2

2 Jahre 6 Monate her #107 von Dr.No
Version 6.3.2 wurde erstellt von Dr.No
-= Changelog =-
Version 6.3.2 (07.12.2016)
+ Added chat commands !msgall and !pokeall to send messages to all online clients on the current TS3 server.
- Bugfix: Group action at the IdleCheck function now supports clients which are connected multiple times to the TS3 server. (thx to kidi)
- Bugfix: InactiveChannelCheck and chat command !listinactivechannels used a to small datatype to save the channel empty time. (thx to Robert S.)
Now it should not be a problem if a channel is more than 29 days empty.
- Bugfix: InactiveClientsCleaner deleted the own client database entry, because query clients don't reset the inactivity counter. (thx to GAMERS4EVER and monster010)
Since I can't change the behavior of the TS3 server, I added a protection, that the client database entry of the bot account don't get deleted.
- Bugfix: plugin_api_bin.zip and plugin_api_src.zip was zipped wrong, can't used to compile plugins (bug since 05.11.2016; thx to Maksimo007)
Recreated and updated this zip files. Sorry for this.
o Updated plugin api documentation.
o Updated JTS3ServerQuery library to new version 2.0.6, which knows the client database id and client unique id of the used query connection now.
o Skipped version 6.3.1 to have the same version number as the normal edition of the JTS3ServerMod.

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