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=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta5 - 22 Dec 2009 ===
* Added "Logs" tab to virtualserver edit dialog to configure server logging.
* When update or blacklist server cannot be reached, print info instead of
  warning log.
* Added confirmation dialog when removing grant permissions
- Whisper List: Some tweaks when the last list was removed
- "Activate microphone automatically" didn't work correctly with PTT
- 3D Sound: Prevent multiple "Cannot disband..."- dialogs
- Filetransfer: Downloading a link does no longer crash
- Don't show the permission error message when closing ServerQuery window
* Added "Join Channel of Client" and "Move Client to own Channel" to context
  menu opened on client in chat log.
- Do not show "Failed to open permissions cache file for reading" message when
  cache file does not exist.
* Fixed checks in virtualserver edit dialog bandwidth and quota fields. Range
  is now from -1 to 2^64 - 1. "-1" means maximum value for convenience.
* Added debug output showing config path when it cannot be saved
* Implemented channel phonetic name. See channel edit dialog to set it.
* Added option to disable middle mouse button shortcuts in tree (See
  Applications options page)
* Bluesky update: Fixed toolbar and toolbar close buttons in bluesky_linux.
  Fixed broken labels in channel 3D sound widget.
* Added default_mac.qss and bluesky_mac.qss to overwrite special Mac app bundle
  paths to the styles directory.
* Add win32/win64 to dump filename
* Added missing apps.ini to installer
* Added new setting to select between "Subscribe to all channels" and
  "Subscribe to current and previously subscribed channels". With the first,
  you will subscribe to all channels on login and stay subscribed when you
  switch channels. While you can unsubscribe channels manually, you will
  resubscribe to all channels on next login again. With the second, you will
  subscribe only to the current channel on login plus any channels subscribed
  in a previous connection to this server. Switching channels will unsubscribe
  you, unless it was a "remembered" subscription.
* Now unused Autosubscribe all and Autounsubscribe checkboxes removed from
  Design options page
- When connecting via ts3server:// link, use default identity, capture,
  playback and hotkey profiles
* Nickname length increased to 30 characters
* Limit phonetics nickname length to 30 characters
* Phonetics nickname simplified. Instead of entering the format phonetic
  alphabet name, just enter the desired name itself, e.g. "Peter", "Ralf".
* Typo fix German translation ("Konflicht").
* Changed German translation for "poke" to "anstupsen".
* Removed detailed settings for warn-when-talking-while-muted, option by
  default on
* Check if notifications sound is enabled for warn-when-muted, automatically
  enable and warn user if sound script is missing
* Added checks to warn-when-muted activation: Not away, not headset muted, not
* Check for update only once per day
- Fixed a possible crash that could occure when the capture device was closed
  (for example when changing devices in local test mode)

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta2 - 20 Dec 2009 ===
- Fixed a problem where the client could not store some passwords correctly,
  the stored version was always trimmed to only a few characters
- When entering hostnames/ips with trailing or leading spaces this could lead
  to the client not being able to connect. We now ignore trailing and leading
  white space.
- Fixed a crash while destructing tts
- Fixed a crash with hoster banner
- Fixed a problem where the "Glance" button could cause a client assertion to
  fail (which terminated your client).
- fixed possible crash with whisperlist
* Renamed sound packs to better (more descriptive) names
* Replaced the previous default sound pack with a less verbose version
- Play stop talking wav, even in TTS profile 
- Bandwidth limit when edited in virtual server edit dialog now accepts bigger
- Fixed a crash that could occure on connect when connecting with a hostname
  instead of by IP
- Mute headphones now also stops you from sending, since this what casual users
  expect. The functionality to mute only your headphones and still be able to
  transmit will return in a future build.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta1 - 19 Dec 2009 ===
* Initial beta release

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