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= Client Release 3.0.0-beta19 - 31 Mar 2010
- Updater fixes so updating Qt libraries works properly. Wait 2 seconds before
  autostarting update so the client can close first. Updater no longer closes
  when update is finished when it was started from the TS3 client.
- Fixed scrollbar in server icon view.
- Strip whitespaces from port when pasting ip:port into connect dialog.
* Updated apps.ini

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta18 - 30 Mar 2010
! Qt version updated to 4.6.2. Stylesheets might need to be checked for
  compatibility issues. Translators should update to Linguist from Qt 4.6.2.
  Plugin authors using Qt need to recompile their plugins with Qt 4.6.2.
+ Support for Jaws screen reader. Feedback on this and accessibility support
  in general would be appreciated.
* Use Return or Enter key as shortcut to switch into selected channel (should
  be easier for people using screenreaders)
+ Added support to fetch images from ftp servers. It can be anonymous (if the
  server supports it) and login users as well. Use the ftp- syntax e.g.
  "ftp://your.server/image.png" or "ftp://gfx:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./image.png".
  Be aware that the login part of URLs might is visible if someone opens the
  virtual server edit dialog.  
* Added update countdown in server info on the right
- Fixed message indicator when client rejoins chat
- Fixed overwriting recursive uploads caused crash
- Fixed possible crash when disconnecting from server with banner
- Fixed to poke dialog which would in some situations not be properly updated.
* Added delay to reload/older/newer buttons in serverlog to avoid blocking the
  server with log request spam.
* Renamed User volume modifier dialog restore button
- Fixed downloads from a link which always used the first matching tab. Could
  lead to a dead end when tab had no permission while the actual tab did.
+ Added new hotkey "Disconnect from all servers"
* Added list of all clients on the current server, see Permissions menu.
  Clients can be dragged into the servergroups client list (even if offline).
- Fixed filetransfer asking for password, when downloading from a link.
* Print standard permission error message when failing file rename or delete
* Added new edit field in virtual server dialog to set an URL for the hoster
  button icon. If unset, the default icon is used.
* Changed "Edit Virtual Server" shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+S as the old shortcut
  interfered with entering the Euro sign.
- Updater: Start runscript on Linux when update finished. Make Linux 64-bit
  binary executable after download.
- Fixed crash when running the setup wizard while current servertab has no
  valid capture device.
- Fixed appearance of expiration, when reason is missing in banlist.
- Fixed possible crash when closing the client with multiple servertabs open.
- Fixed that two different PTT activate on same hotkey profile 
- The hotkey combination warning message was cut off when html- tag was used.
+ Showing avarage transfer speed and runtime at the end of transfer.
- Fixed filetransfer speed label flickering
+ Added new download option "Only play sound when all transfers are ready"
+ Ongoing filetransfers can be saved before quit and also resumed after
  reconnect to the server. A messagebox will appear to ask for decision.
- Fix: Clients can now be dropped to servergroup from all server tabs with same
  unique identifier, but no longer from different servers as before.
* Drag&drop clients to servergroups disabled for default groups or when client
  already exists.
* Use Delete key to delete selected permission group or client (depending on
  which widget has focus).
* Automatically select added permission groups for convenience.
- Fixed linebreaks in server hostmessage
- Fixed broken linebreaks in channel description
+ Fixed hotkey "Connect to Server (current tab)". Now it only blocks reconnects
  and no longer connects to other servers on current tab.
+ Filetransfer got many bugfixes and improvements.
* Moved some hardcoded stylesheets out to default.qss. Added default_linux.qss
- Fixed memleak caused by appscanner
* Update visible clients in tree when group icons have changed instead of
  waiting until the tree updates on mouse movement.
* Channel groups per client dialog can now display channel groups of offline
  clients. Added "Display Channel Groups of Client" to Permissions menu in
  addition of the existing client contextmenu (just opening on "empty" client
  instead of the selected one).
* Print some more meaningful message after using a token.
* Updated German translation.
- "Display Channel Groups" action in client contextmenu is disabled when
   b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list is missing.
* Added hostname, IP and port fields to server connectioninfo dialog.
* Added copy buttons to server and client connectioninfo, replacing the old
  somewhat hidden contextmenu.
* Save and restore size of new channelgroup dialogs
* Exported ts3Functions.startVoiceRecording and ts3Functions.stopVoiceRecording
  to plugins. Plugin API version increased to 4, bundled plugins upgraded.
* Upload of remote icons is now queued, so it's possible to upload a whole
  directory of icons in one step.
* Updated default TTS soundpack, adding ${servername} to more entries
- Fixed that an offline ban is no longer bypassed by a simple rename
* Added to plugin SDK: onCustomCaptureDeviceCloseEvent,
  onCustomPlaybackDeviceCloseEvent, onFMODChannelCreatedEvent
* Adjust toolbar buttons on the fly when switching servers or current item.
* Properly handle whitespaces in ts3server channel names, e.g.:
  ts3server://voice.teamspeak.com?&channel=This Is A Channel With Spaces
* Sort servergroups in contextmenu dialog in the same order as in the
  servergroups permissions widget (by ID).
- No more "database empty result set" when listing channelgroups of client but
  the client is not a member of any channelgroup
- Fixed server chat was being blocked by contacts list.
- Fixed accidently broken expand/collapse subchannels in channel contextmenu.
* Overhauled Setup Wizard texts.
- Fixed Umlaut in clientinfo_de.tpl
* Added link to video tutorials webpage in Help menu
* Server icons dialog remembers and restores its size.
- Restore custom server icon on chat tab when switching between servers.
- Fixed client templates after deleting server groups.
* Client checks new PERMISSION_b_client_modify_own_description to allow
  changing the own description only.
- Fixed servergroup dialog items not (de)activating properly when changing a
  group or someone else changed your groups.
* Added "All files" to identity export dialog, enforce .ini suffix for exported

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta17 - 09 Mar 2010
* Automatically lay out icons in server icon viewer on resize
+ Added popup menu to icon button of virtual server dialog to remove the icon.
* Close virtual server dialog when disconnecting.
* Bluesky style updates for new UI elements.
- Chat autoscroll fixes when using multiline chat input.
- Fixed logfile management of chat logging.
+ Added overview to display all clients within a channelgroup for each channel,
  see new button and contextmenu in channelgroup permissions window.
+ Added overview to display all channelgroups of a client, see new contextmenu
  entry on client menu (permissions submenu).
* Updated German translation.
* Disable password field in channel edit dialog for default channel
- Update other servertab icons if connection failed (banned, invalid password)
- Disable servergroups client contextmenu if permission is not given
- Fixed bug when unsubscribing a channel manually while glance is active.
- Properly display '&' characters in tab names properly
* Show a more detailed explanation when trying to remove priority speaker via
  contextmenu and the permission was not set as channel client permission. The
  contextmenu can only handle channel client priority speaker permission.
* Disable permissions tree for client and channel-client permissions when no or
  an invalid client is selected.
- DNS lookup failure won't stop autoreconnecting anymore.
+ Use recently implemented remote server icon for bookmarks.
- Fixed reappearing toolbar when window reappears from tray and the toolbar was
  previously disabled.
- Fixed invalid whisper targets with whisperlists.
* Virtual server edit dialog now honors b_virtualserver_modify_icon_id (Icon)
  and b_virtualserver_modify_name (phonetic nickname).
* Overhauled server groups edit dialog.
- Client honors max chat size and won't send messages which exceed length to
  the server anymore.
- Fixed possible crash when closing server groups dialog.
* Replaced the red questionmark "no icon set" icon with a transparent pixmap.
- When playing test sound in options->playback and switching to another
  section, the sound will stop. If changing mode or device during test sound,
  the "apply"-button will immediately play with the new mode/device.
- Fixed possible crash when closing the client after using the test playback
  device button.
- Context menus no longer affect the next current tree item when the item on
  which the menu was opened is deleted.
- Fixed highlighting wrong server tab after moving it.
- Changed that virtual server edit dialog shows an icon instead of icon_id.
- The server groups dialog does now respond to changes on the server groups.
* Hoster button now will only open ftp://, https:// or http:// URLs. When no
  scheme is given, like "teamspeak.com", http:// is always suggested.
+ Added server phonetic nickname for TTS via ${servername} in settings.ini
* Servergroup icons displayed in servergroup edit dialog.
+ Added icons for server, channels and clients. Server icon is set in the
  virtual server edit dialog. Channel and client icons are set by i_icon_id
  in channel/client permissions.
* Updater now starts update automatically when called from client.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta16 - 24 Feb 2010
- Don't drag&drop a tree item on itself
+ Server groups will be updated on the fly
* Minimum updates for Server info is now every 5 seconds.
* Allow b_channel_join_ignore_password for server groups and global client
  permissions only, others make no sense.
- Fixed possible endless loop when entering a password-protected channel with
  b_channel_join_ignore_password set on the channel.
- Fixed edit-channel menuitem when calling from chat context menu.
- Removed confirm close server tab option from Applications page
- Fixed the missing context menus for channels in chatlog
+ New context menu to manage the server groups
* For Windows Vista + Win7, also load <stylesheet>_vista.qss if it exists
* Added option to setup delayed PTT and whisperlist release in capture setup
  page (by default enabled, 0.3 seconds delay)
- Fixed possible crash when opening the customize toolbar window.
- Fixed the Priority Speaker action state, reported by user in forum.
+ Client disconnects from all servers when entering System standby state.
  Reconnect on System resume can be disabled via options (Windows only).
- Fixed crash when a client was assigned to a channel group but its icon
  wasn't in the local cache.
- Fixed alternating row colors in default style when switching the skins.
- Fixed that clients can use "<>" in their nicknames again.
+ Added hotkey "Switch to Server"-tab. If multiple server tabs are open, it
  will be tabbed forward through the servers. Without an opened tab, the hotkey
  does nothing.
- Fixed respecting the port in URL for host banner and channel description
* Hotkey "Connect to: Server (current tab)" will only be executed, when
  current tab is disconnected. So it does no longer reconnect.
- Fixed that the hoster button jumps left, when master volume is hidden.
- Fixed bug enumerating the server groups in client info template.
- The toolbar now is limited to the width of the main window. Otherwise it
  could get very large when customized with many actions and moved outside the
  main window.  
+ Some new values have been added to the templates.
+ Server groups are also shown in client info.
- Fixed 3D test sound, which shouldn't play without moving a client. This
  includes a fix for looping the sound when closing the dialog.
+ The channel description images can be resized via channel info template to a
  predefined maximum (see channelinfo.tpl).
+ The avatar can be resized via client info template (see clientinfo.tpl).
- Fixed reloading hoster banners, when client has multiple connections to a
- Fixed the away status when switching back to online again.
- Fixed crash when opening the "Create Channel Dialog" via customized toolbar
  and not connected to a server. 
- Fixed "Mute/Unmute" client actions in customized toolbar which do no longer
  toggle each other.
- Fixed "Request Talk power" and also "Cancel Request Talk Power" in customized
  toolbar. They are always enabled but now act as intended.
- Fixed icon "cancel talk request" at own client in server tree.
- Fixed crash when clicking "Expand/Collapse All" via customized toolbar and
  not connected to any server.
- Fixed crash when trying to ban clients via chat context menu and another user
  was faster banning the same client.
+ Added dialog to clear local disk cache. See "Security" options page.
- Another fix to middle-clicking client to open connection info.
- Adjusted detection of email links. URLs with login names no longer take
  precedence over email, except in the form of e.g. "user@www|ftp.foo.de"
- Adding grant permissions to i_group_icon_id will not open the group icon
  dialog anymore.
* Made the group icon window a QDialog so it opens centered on its parent.
- Client makes use of i_group_max_icon_filesize before uploading the icon
- i_client_max_avatar_filesize value of -1 means unlimited file size.
- When adding bookmarks via menu or ts3server link, add the item as last
  instead of after current item (usually 2nd when the bookmarks window was
  closed, which was annoying)
- Handle error if avatar couldn't get deleted on the server.
- Fixed channel phonetic nickname not getting cleared when removing in the 
  channel edit dialog.
* Strip whitespaces from server label and address when adding to bookmarks
* Added unique identifiers to bookmark folders
- Reverted ServerQuery clear-highlight shortcut back to Escape, Backspace key
  did not work properly.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta15 - 08 Feb 2010
- Fixed bug when middle-clicking a client opened own connection info after using
  the Self - Connection Info menuitem once.
- Added nickname in ban info when unique id is set. 
- Max ban time will always be inserted in ban dialog when available.
+ Support for remote server/channelgroup icons in addition to the current
  method. Added dialog to manage remote and view local icons (see server
  contextmenu). Server- and channelgroups permission tabs offers the same
  dialog to select icons when editing i_group_icon_id
  IDs < 1000 are considered to be local files from the current gfx
  directory: group_<id>.png. NOTE: This has changed, the old form of
  servergroup/changroup_<id>.png does no longer exist. Instead there is
  one filename form for all icons now.
  IDs >= 1000 are considered to be the IDs of remote icons.
* Updated German translation
- Fixed possible crash when clearing channel passwords
- The poke dialog does no longer get a higher priority than other dialogs.
- Fixed scrolling tree with PageUp/PageDown and ArrowUp/ArrowDown.
- Fixed that master volume slider works across multiple tabs when these tabs
  have the same activated playback profile.
- Fixed a possible filetransfer crash when cancelling the overwrite question
+ Inserted a chat date marker to show the age of the log entries.
- Fixed loosing the drop location marker when dragging a tree item outside of
  the tree widget.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta13 - 02 Feb 2010
* Added automatic scroll to tree when dragging items to the top or lower margin
- Fixed context menu for a downloaded directory.
- Fixed a download bug where the actual channel folder wasn't respected.
- When adding integer permissions and grant permissions, first let the user
  input the value and then send it to the server to avoid sending double data.
- Added button to options to reset all "Are you sure...?" confirmations.
- Added confirmation when setting grant permission to zero.
- Don't ask "You are still connected to..." when closing server tab if you
  actually are not connected
+ Added option "Always stay on top" in application settings (Windows only).
- Fixed "Channel maxclient reached" pop up menu doesn't save answer 
- Refilter permissions tree when "show granted only" is enabled and a
  permission is removed.
* No longer check for "config" directory in installation directory when
  deciding the configuration location
* Added server address and port to last-seen information in contacts
- "User requested talk power" sound only played if user is in own channel
- Fixed wrong TTS channelname with connected sound
+ Added customizable toolbar buttons (most icons are still too small. They will
  be updated with a later release.)
* Updated German translation
- Automatically unmute users when they are removed from contacts list
* Added Edit virtualserver menuitem to Self menu
- Closing edit virtualserver dialog with Escape will also trigger the discard/
  apply dialog
- Fixed possible marking the edit virtual server dialog modified after opening
- Fixed typo in hotkey setup, so "Status change - Deactivate" works again. 
* Individually handle permissions to view server/channel group tabs and display
  notification in the permission and client widget if they cannot be viewed.
* Initialize only those permission tabs for which permission was granted to
  avoid invalid permission error spam.
- Removed -enableallactions commandline option.
- Fixed restoring server and channel groups on reconnect when keeping the
  permissions window open.
- Fixed strange behaviour of toggle microphone hotkey in combination with auto-
  activate microphone when switching server tabs.
* Reload chatlog when connecting to a new server in the same tab
* Tweaked autoscrolling after reloading logs
- Fixed creating hotkeys (no keys were accepted / gray box stayed always open)
* Play talk-power-requested sound only if user has permission to grant it
* Changed serverquery clear highlight button shortcut to Backspace, so Escape
  key is available for closing the window again.
+ Escape always closes hotkey dialog, even if hotkey input doesn't work.
* Allow multiple whitespaces in channel description.
+ Added use of server-, channel- and client info templates. Look into
  the folder styles\default for premade templates, which can be modified
  for different styles and languages.
+ Added server address:port in server info.
- Fixed pasting a text into hotkey rename field.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta12 - 20 Jan 2010
! Plugin API version changed to 3
! Lua scripts moved to plugins/lua_plugin/ instead of scripts/
* Copyright label in About dialog can no longer be modified by translations.
  Instead translators can use the PLACEHOLDER label in the about dialog. If
  this feature is not wanted, keep "PLACEHOLDER" as text and the label will
  be hidden.
* Added qParentWidget paramter to ts3plugin_configure function. Use this *only*
  when creating QWidgets or QDialogs as parent widget. Cast it to QDialog before
  using. For other UI libraries ignore this parameter and use the first window
  handle parameter instead.
- Fixed pasting multilines in chatedit
+ Added dialog to join default channel, when favorite default channel is full.
* Added new parameter to plugin function ts3Functions.printMessage
* Added new plugin function ts3Functions.printMessageToCurrentTab
- Removed plugin function ts3Functions.getCurrentChatServerConnectionHandlerID
* Updated bundled apps.ini
- Fixed pasting host:port in bookmarks address field (port of bookmark item was
  not updated properly)
* Windows can now be closed with ESC in addition to existing Ctrl+W shortcut
- Fixed a bug where setup wizard doesn't save the mic option correctly 
* Added input field to connect and bookmark dialog for one-time token.
- Displayed elapsed time in improve identity dialog should no longer overflow.
- Fixed a possible freeze when closing the improve identity dialog while an
  identity upgrade is in progress.
- Text tweaks and German translation updates
- Fixed some strings which didn't appear in the translation
- Fixed toggling capture- and playback profiles 
- Hotkeys can be translated
- Fixed possible crash when using "close-all-but-this" on tabs
* Renamed "Password" to "Server password" in connect and bookmark dialogs to
  avoid confusion this might be a user password.
* Reactivated hotkeys "Bring to front" and "Send to back" (Windows only).
- Fixed possible crash on startup with Windows client
- Fixed handling of b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions in permissions
  overview dialog
- Fixed bug that denied you to create a channel when you did not have
  the permission b_channel_create_with_sortorder and somebody else created
  a channel while you were filling out the create-channel fields

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta11 - 18 Jan 2010
! A beta11 client is required to connect to beta13 servers
* Handle "host:port" entries in connect and bookmark dialogs. Automatically
  jump into the port field when typing ":".
* Added "Make current channel default" button to bookmarks manager
* Added ability to drag&drop channels into default channel lineedit in
  bookmarks and connect dialog.
- Autounsubscribe now takes effect when being moved or kicked out of a channel,
  not only when switching oneself.
- Fixed opening filebrowser for a passworded channel, after password is
  entered correctly.
- Added hotkey "Master Volume" to turn "up" and "down".
- Deactivated hotkeys "Bring to front" and "Send to back". Because it didn't
  work as intended.
* Use only one plugin API number instead of major/minor. Plugin authors, please
  check the now single ts3plugin_apiVersion() function in the plugin SDK.
* Exported some missing clientlib_rare function to plugins
- Reset use volume when removing user from contacts list
- Reactivated plugins in setup hotkeys
* Warn user when server version mismatches client version

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta10 - 10 Jan 2010 (never officially released)
* Added new sound notifications when a user (not own client) requested talk
  power and when own client was granted or revoked talk power.
+ Added hotkeys "Bring to front" and "Send to back"
- Filetransfer somtimes crashed on localhost server
- Broken filetransfers in filetransfer manager can be restarted/resumed
+ Filetransfer downloads from other servers are deactivated for now
* Added check if CPU supports SSE instruction set. If not, TeamSpeak will not
  start. This check can be disabled by passing "-nocpucheck" as commandline
* Let user confirm when cancelling Identities dialog when there are changes.
* Added warning when selecting MODALQUIT hostmessage mode in the virtualserver
  edit dialog
- Removed assert thrown when opening options, reported by user on forum
* More verbose output when .wav files failed to play (especially which file
  was not found). Should help soundpack authors.
- Removed double quotes on channel creation
- Fixed displaying images in channel info
- Escape "]" in ts3file links when drag&dropping from filebrowser into chat
* Updated bundled apps.ini
* Removed some fields from info frame on the right
- The chattab close button didn't appear when the tab was closed and a new
  message arrives on this tab.
* Workaround for the occasionally broken horizontal line after reloaded chat
* Bluesky minor fixes
- Fixed crash in Lua plugin when using "/lua run" without function parameter.
- Prevent chatlog from getting double entries
* Added option to disable muting when locking screen. It is enabled by default.
  (Windows only feature)
* Plugin can now decide if it wants the configure option called from a new
  thread or the Qt GUI thread. See the ts3plugin_offersConfigure() function in
  the plugin SDK for details.
- ServerQuery window: If no login data was given in the "Manual" setting in the
  loginname/password input fields, skip login command instead of sending empty
- Token Manager now shows the creation time and also the description.
- A token description can be entered, when adding a token.
- Revert to default soundpack if the soundpack from config file does not exist
- Fixed ASSERT thrown when uploading files with drag&drop on Mac OS X.
- Fixed renaming client or channel. The rename box does no longer get smaller
  than the text if some changes occur in server tree.
- Fixed capture URLs
- Fixed use of bb- codes
* G15 plugin now requests server variables once per minute instead once per
  second to reduce traffic.
* Client no longer requests server variables on login but only on-demand to
  reduce traffic.
- When in filebrowser list- mode are just directories, the header label "Size"
  was cut off when its not default (english) language
- Removed double quotes when edited a channel. Inserted client clickable link
  in "renamed" message
+ Added hotkey "grant next talk power"
- Talk Power can also be granted and cancelled by double clicking the request
  talk power icon
* New ts3server:// parameters:
  - "token=<token>": Will send token to server on connection
  - "addbookmark=<Server label>": Requests to add the link to the users
    bookmarks (with confirmation) with the specified server label instead of
    connecting to the server
* Added confirmation dialog when removing clients from servergroups
* Display group name in the group-delete confirmation dialog
- Disable bookmark autoconnect when starting the client via ts3server:// link
- Fixed splitting escaped channel path string
- Ensure connect-to hotkey is executed only once in current serverview
* Updated plugin.h sample code for C++ compilers
- Fixed possible crash when exiting the client while ServerQuery window is open
- Ensure ServerQuery "quit" is sent only once when closing the window
- The chat timestamp section will no longer be wrapped if someone sends a huge
  text without spaces.
- Stripped out more bb- code to avoid the appearance of urls or images
- Removed double escaping of meta data in clients info
+ Clients can also be banned when they are just gone offline. Click clients
  name at disconnected message.
* Limit various client text input dialogs to server-defined max length.
* Trim whitespaces of client and channel nicknames
* Optimized banner animation code. Added workaround for image files with 0 ms
  animation delay to prevent them eating up all CPU cycles.
- Adjusted add-ban dialog taborder
- Fixed glance button not resetting properly when switching server tabs
- Typo fixes, updated German translation
- Fixed Escape key in Mac hotkey dialog, wasn't detected properly to abort the
  hotkey input
- Fixed hotkey input window sometimes not getting the focus on Mac
* Ensure at least the default hotkey profile is loaded when using voice test,
  else the PTT key might not be available for voice test.
- Fixed possible crash with hotkeys when closing server tabs
- Don't request channel description when subscribing channels with clients
- Don't spam "Error getting channel from channel names in Action-SwitchTo"
  to client protocol when not connected
* Show custom name from contacts manager even if recording. However, both
  custom and nickname are not shown, text would be too long.
* Windows TTS now only uses one channel instead of five simultaneous voices.
* Added sound warnings when users in your channel start/stop recording and when
  you switch into a channel where users are already recording.
* Show special warnings when deleting template server/channel groups.
* Improved chat autoscroll
- Chat does no longer scroll history when a multiline text was pasted and arrow
  up/down was pressed
- Some chat sections grayed out, where they shouldn't
- When opening a text chat, the tab gets immediatly active
- Fixed hotkey for start-/stop recording
+ Added hotkeys to switch to next/previous channel but be aware, if you change
  too frequently, the server will take antispam measures!
- Various tweaks containing the chat - (history, bb- code, html, saving cursor
! Plugin API increased to 2.0, all included plugins updated.
* Added more functions to Lua plugin
* Overhauled Token manager dialog
- Fixed missing template groups when reconnecting to server (force reload from
  cache when needed permissions arrived)
- Fixed grayed out channel chat and setting tabname when changing channel
- Fixed formatting of "/help" output in channel chats
* When automatically subscribing all channels on login, don't spam log with
  subscribe message for each channel, just print one line.
+ Improved chat text selection 
- Fixed that a ban entry gets deleted when its editing fails due to permission
- Fixed chat tab order of server and channel 
- Fixed a crash when 3D Sound is still open and TS3 closes with STRG+Q
* Visibility of toolbar and statusbar is now stored in configuration file.
* Contacts window now stores and restores its geometry. The sector of clients
  will also take the largest possible size.
- Fixed bug with request talk power that could lead to no talk power being
  requested even though the user issued the command
- fix "Assertion "m_pChanClients" failed at
  client\clientlib\serverconnectionhandler.cpp:1196" bug

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