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=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta32 - 12 Oct 2010
* Hotkey dialog got an overhaul and available hotkeys are more categorized
* Changed that DEL key, when holding down in treeview is no longer autorepeated
  if deleting a channel or kicking a client
* Respect our min/max size when creating or editing "Change Nickname" hotkey
+ Added that a whisper reply hotkey can be assigned in whisper list dialog
- Fixed some loading issue, when image will be renamed in filebrowser but used
  in channel description
- Fixed moving files from one filebrowser to another, when both are from same
  server and also same channel (means same file), then moving is prevented.
- Fixed showing error message when banned uid was not found by the server
- Fixed push-to-talk hotkey where PTT could be activated though VAD is chosen
- When switching chat tabs while writing a message, all used WYSIWYG textformat
  options will be translated to bbCode
- Fixed a crash when hostmessage dialog was OK-clicked when server tab was
  already closed
- Fixed deactivated buttons when filebrowser folder is empty
- Fixed client icon file not found errors after deleting an icon from offline
  user which will occur when icon is no longer in cache. Requesting the icon is
  now blocked until client reconnects.
- Fixed bbCode URLs in Hostmessage dialog again which was deactivated by work
  on poke dialog context menu
- Fixed possible crash on exit when whisper history widget has been opened.
- Handle "database empty result set" server message when opening the servers
  icon view dialog without any icons available.
- Fixed selecting own client after connecting, which was broken in certain
  circumstances (subscribe all or glance active, but missing subscribe

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta31 - 27 Sep 2010
* Handle server error when client version is too old for this server by telling
  the user why the connection failed and offer an automatic client update.
* User context menu in poke dialog now opens by clicking mouse left or right
* When opening a filebrowser dialog and its geometry is beyond desktop, it will
  be moved to the upper left corner to not get lost.
+ Added clientquery- sendtextmessage will open chattab when partner not in view
+ Added that complains can be removed with DEL- key and also forced when
  holding SHIFT- key (will suppress the confirmation dialog)
- Fixed "database empty result" when entering empty directory
- Fixed "database empty result" when client-/server group has no permission set
- Fixed opening empty filebrowser
- Fixed two clicks needed to deactivate glancebutton if subscribed to channel
  with clients inside
- Fixed possible broken filetransfer stats at the end when overwriting files
- Fixed that playback- and hotkey profile can't be activated on active tab via
  self menu when tab didn't get activated by mouse click
- Fixed bbCode URLs in Hostmessage dialog, which were not clickable
- Fixed showing an empty complain list when removing fails
- Fixed a minor issue with 'drag & drop' in Bookmarks Manager
- Fixed identities with "Umlauts" which weren't converted correctly
- Fixed "Connection Info" menuitem in "Self" menu being deactivated when online
  and activated when offline. Fixed possible crash when closing client with
  connectioninfo dialogs open.
- Reworked application shutdown mechanism to avoid corrupt configuration files

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta30 - 21 Sep 2010
+ Support sending and receiving unencrypted voice data. Added options to the
  create/edit channel dialog and to the virtual server edit dialog where this
  behavior can be configured. Only available on server beta29 and higher.
+ Support for ts3server:// on Mac OS X
* Changed keyboard shortcut for webserverlist from Ctr+W to Ctrl+Alt+S, as
  Ctrl+W can collide with the standard window close shortcut.
* Changed the behavior of user context menu in poke dialog
* Permissions tree now includes permissions with grant power only when the
  "Show granted only" checkbox is enabled.
- Fixed edit box for clientname could be larger than predefined
- Fixed possible crash when server stops and permissions window is open.
  Permissions subdialogs (add/delete/copy group) are now non-modal.
- Identities were trimmed on load
- Renaming in treeview will no longer be interrupted when poke dialog or new
  message tab opens
- Connect hotkey now only works if disconnected or previous connection has
  completed to avoid starting multiple connection attempts at the same time.
- Adjusted path to clientquery docs on Mac OS X.
- Fixed logging capture- and playback device name.
- Fixed plugin loading when pathname contains non-standard characters.
- Revertes changed to application path detection in beta29, so starting the
  client from a webbrowser via ts3server:// link works again properly.
- Rename also the existing "ConnectTo" hotkeys when bookmark was renamed
- Fixed offline message cache which could return wrong messages
- Fixed size of host message dialog if it is a short message
- Removed check for i_ft_file_browse_power when opening the filebrowser
  window, as this check is inaccurate as the value for i_ft_needed_file_
  browse_power is unknown to the client.
- Fixed plugin dialog displaying wrong information for unloaded (wrong API
  version etc.) plugins.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta29 - 10 Sep 2010
- Fixed opening an empty banlist
- Fixed not writing logs and accessing sounds or plugins when path contains an
- Fixed selecting channel and server group items in 3D setup with same id

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