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=== Client Release 3.0.1 - 12 Aug 2011
* On machines that have a center speaker (like surround 5.1 and surround 7.1)
  changed the output channels for 1 channel sound to front left+right speakers
  (was center speaker). This fixes issues for people who have no center speaker
  connected even though their sound card is configured for surround sound.
- Fixed "Assertion channels==0".
- Fixed UTF-8 usage in plugins API, stylesheets, package installer, soundpacks
  and updater.
- Fix sound issue on Mac for unknown/mono sound output devices
- Fix assert in recordeditor when clientplugins modified captured sound data
- clientquery: Fix issue where no ERROR_ok was returned when running
- clientquery: Documentation tweaks
- Fixed possible crash with tsdns resolve
- Fixed bug where ptt stayed active when whispering on a second tab

=== Client Release 3.0.0 - 05 Aug 2011
! Increased plugin API version to 13
+ Multiple improvements to Voice Latency (= the time it takes before what you
  say is heard by others). Among these also a tweak to the Voice Activity
  Detection which makes VAD slightly less accurate but removes 20ms of latency.
  The old VAD behavior is still available as "Legacy Voice Activation
  Detection" in capture settings.
+ Added "connectbookmark=<bookmarkUuid>" commandline parameter.
+ Changed the custom nickname character limit (no whitespaces), minimum 1 and
  maximum 30 characters.
+ Added getServerVersion, isWhispering and isReceivingWhisper to plugin API.
+ Added getAvatar and onAvatarUpdated to plugin API. See test plugin for usage.
+ Added that Push-To-Talk delay also affects Push-To-Whisper and whisper reply.
+ Showing a notice if a bookmark has "unresolved" properties to remind about
  who is using the defaults temporarily.
+ The keyboard-search in servertree has been improved. Holding down SHIFT while
  typing a character to search backwards. Custom nickname has priority.
+ Many new commands added to clientquery interface
* If a timeout occurs while enumerating direct input devices, a dialog shows
  which devices have been found so far. It might will help find the problem.
* SPECIAL_3D_TEST and SPECIAL_SOUND_TEST are always attempted to play from 
  default soundpack, even when "no sounds" is configured.
- Fixed bug that could lead to corrupted sound being played back when the
  latency factor slider was set to values > 1.
- Fixed when switching to playback profile with a slash in its name a new
  profile was created.
- Fixed whisper list hotkeys, individual use of "on key down/release".
- Fixed that servernames in subscriptions dialog will be updated.
- Fixed downloads when target dir is not writable (e.g. CD, DVD etc).
- Fixed HotKey Run Plugin commands with length above 1024 will be truncated.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-rc2 - 08 Jun 2011
+ Added banner resize mode to virtualserver settings.
+ Channel context menu "unsubscribe from channel family" is available as soon
  as any subchannel is subscribed.
+ "Set Avatar" now is disabled without permission.
+ Added package installer for easy plugins/styles/soundpacks etc. one-click
* Plugin authors note: requestChannelSubscribe and requestChannelUnsubscribe
  now take an array of channelIDs as parameter instead of a single channelID.
* Exchanged default soundpack with male and female soundpacks.
* Added soundpack page to setup wizard to select one of male or female.
* Select and scroll to own client after connecting.
* Fixed switching a fullscreen game to desktop when client is minimized and
  showing the "warn while muted", the "entering moderated channel", the 
  "force push-to-talk" or the "maximum amount of clients reached" dialog.
* Client and server log windows now save and restore log level checkbox states.
* Added "Debug" checkbox to control debug output in client log window.
* Added "Delete" to channel permission to set i_channel_needed_delete_power.
* Plugin API: Added returnCode parameter to sendPluginCommand
- Support for international domain names readded.
- Removed validation of input text from connection connect and bookmark
  address field, so that every address can be used.
- Fixed possible crash in AppScanner plugin with Umlauts.
- Added a missing separator within an invitation.
- Moved rest of the sounds into soundpack for more customized handling.
- Fixed that poke dialog no longer opens when nickname was changed.
- Changed the Push-To-Talk tooltip lines which were displayed in wrong order.
- Fixed displaying port when connected via invitation.
- Fixed errordisplay when family subscriptions on channels fail.
- Fixed dropping images from filebrowser into channel description when
  connected on multiple servers.
- Fixed context menu to copy offlinemessage text.
- Limited the last mentioned URLs in systemtray context menu to 10.
- Fixed that image-descriptions near avatar are sometimes written over the edge
- Image in channel description was broken when overwritten with same name.
- Fixed that offline messages throws a warning when recipient wasn't found on
  the server.
- Don't save empty subscribed channels list when quickly disconnecting again
  from a server, loosing the subscribed channels.
- Fixed problem when binding hotkeys while joysticks were active that "pressed"
  a button constantly. 
- Fixed that TeamSpeak does not start as a result of broken input device
  drivers. If detected TeamSpeak will at least start without usable hotkeys.
- Fixed ts3server:// links being overwritten by autoconnect bookmarks when a
  bookmark for the linked server already exists.
- Windows installer no longer allows installing the 64-bit client on 32-bit
  operating systems.
- Fixed flickering of hoster button when special no-cache http flag is used.

=== Client Release 3.0.0-rc1 - 10 May 2011
! Updated CELT codec. Due to codec bitstream incompatibility you can only
  communicate with new clients in channels using the CELT codec. Old clients
  will either sound weird/corrupt, or (on newer servers) will not be heard.
! Increased plugin API version to 11
! Style authors should adjust SERVER_PORT in their serverinfo.tpl, see the
  existing template within the default style.
+ Removed fmod sound system
+ Added a new default sound pack
+ Added new "easy permission" dialogue for easier configuration of permissions
+ Added text format toolbar and WYSIWYG edit mode to channel description
  tear-off editor.
+ Added TSDNS support, see documentation on the TSDNS server release, which
  is bundled with future TS server releases. Connecting to servers for the
  first time via hostname can be slower than before in some circumstances.
+ Added delay of one second to server-side client search in "All clients"
  dialog before search can be used again to avoid spamming the server.
+ Added horizontal scrollbars to channel group dialogs
+ Added dialog to manage server subscription modes to Options - Applications
+ Removed option "Show smilies", now every chat context menu sets globally.
+ Added hotkey "Stylesheet helper" which helps us and stylesheet authors to
  show the needed information from under cursor widget. Additionally it will
  set the given stylesheet e.g. background: blue; for highlight.
+ Added "F1" keyboard shortcut to open permissions help window.
+ To avoid confusion, a notice in the advanced permissions tree informs the
  the user when b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions is enabled.
+ Added information dialog when Automatic Speech Detection changes to
  Push-to-talk or vice versa due to b_client_force_push_to_talk.
+ Added button to chat options page to change chat default font.
+ TTS (Text To Speech) on Windows now uses the correct playback device.
+ TTS (Text To Speech) volume on Windows can now be adjusted via playback
  sound pack volume slider.
+ Channel create/edit dialog now allows to set some channel specific permission
+ Added option to virtual server dialog to disable weblist reporting
+ In filetransfer view, a slot and speed limitation can be set directly. The
  minimum speed limit is at least 5 KiB.
+ Fixed making a passworded channel to default channel. Note: If a channel was
  made to a default channel it cannot just be switched back. Make another
  channel default instead - see also tooltip.
+ Showing information message when trying to delete the default channel.
* Updated to Qt 4.7.2
* Playback options: Voice volume slider now requires a click to "Apply", so
  both sliders now behave identical.
* Overhauled ban dialogs.
* Overhauled webserver list layout.
* Print more detailed message when a channel/client/server icon wasn't found.
* Testing voice in the capture device option page will now use the default
  playback profile instead of the currently selected profile.
* Capture Mode and -Device can be changed during an active voice test.
* Hoster button now works with php scripts serving images, it is not longer
  required to directly link to image files.
  link to image files 
* The file transfer bandwidth limit takes influence of the available slots.
  Each slot should have at least 5 KiB/s, 2 slots 10 KiB/s etc.
* Updated layout of channel settings dialog
* Capture- and Playback devices will be checked for validity and existence 
  on device change or when the connection is initiated.
* "Start/Stop rotation" have been removed from 3D item context menu entries.
* The invitation dialog will be closed when client gets disconnected.
* Glance button no longer toggles global option, instead toggle the subscribe
  subscribe state for individual server tabs. State is saved and restored per
  server unique id over client restart.
* Removed option "Mute microphone when locking", now always active.
* Enabled text chat to ServerQuery clients. Inform user that a ServerQuery
  needs to register for private text messages to receive private chats.
* To reduce server load, when applying easy permissions send all permissions
  in one step. This makes marking UI elements red when the permissions could
  not be applied unfortunately impossible, so this feature was removed for now.
* Show only one permissions help window per permissions dialog, not one per tab
* Implemented more Lua functions, see testmodule/demo.lua. Lua plugin now
  registers for plugin commands so they can be used from Lua scripts.
* More/Less button state saved and restored for connect, bookmarks and virtual
  server edit dialogs.
* Plugin filename suffixes are removed for pluginCommand usage. Currently
  removed suffixes are: _win32, _win64, _linux_x86, _linux_amd64, _x86, _amd64,
  _32, _64, _mac, _i386, _ppc
* Added settings dialog to Lua plugin to allow enabling or disabling Lua
  script modules, replacing the old mechanism with the text file in the Lua
  plugin directory.
* "/lua run <function>" now supports running functions from modules using
  "/lua run <module>.<function>". Adjusted testmodule to the new beheaviour.
* Port fields removed from connect and bookmark dialogs. Instead the syntax
  <hostname>:<port> is used.
* Overhauled permissions help widget
* Display in client info frame if a channel group was inherited from an upper
* Clients contextmenu offers to set inherited channel groups if applicable on
  current subchannel.
* Overhauled appscanner plugin settings
* Overhauled contextmenus in permissions window
* Adjusted eliding channel names in sort-after dropdown box in channel edit
* Overhauled context menus in filetransfer view
* URL Catcher only writes new captured URLs on client quit
* Added tooltip help texts when creating channel spacer
* Allow drag&drop from clients list into client permission lineedit
* Removed now unused callback onVoiceRecordDataEvent from plugin API
* Serverconnectioninfo window remembers position
* Fixed client lag when renaming contacts in huge contact list
* Setup wizard overhauled
- Fixed possible assertion on incoming chats.
- Virtual server weblist checkbox disabled on missing permission on newer
- Fixed possible crash in G15 plugin when pressing the "Chan" button while
- Fixed VolumeControl plugin to close settings dialog when deactivating plugin
  via hotkey.
- Fixed that an unchecked transfer speed limit means unlimited.
- Fixed server tabs not switching playback/capture devices properly when only
  the mode was changed.
- Fixed appscanner plugin handling client data when server was restarted.
- Calling plugin functions requestFileList and requestPermissionOverview no
  longer open the FileBrowser or PermissionOverview dialogs within the client.
  Added returnCode parameter to onFileListEvent and onPermissionOverviewEvent,
  so plugins can also check if the callbacks were caused by an own request.
- "Test Voice" stops as soon as the microphone will be activated
- Fixed subscribe-all freezing the client for several seconds on big servers.
- Playing notifications test sound now uses the TS3 default playback profile
  instead of the system default device and uses the wave file volume modifier.
- Remember selected item in notifications tree when switching sound packs.
- Fixed default settings for contacts manager being saved to wrong config file.
- Fixed disconnect not stopping autoreconnect properly during IP lookup.
- Fixed caught URLs "times mentioned" numeric sorting.
- The whisper history context menu got a few more entries.
- Fixed an offline message issue when a contact changed his nickname while
  typing an offline message.
- Fixed using "one time privilege key" after improving security level when
  connecting to server.
- Fixed that channel chat tab name could be wrong after reconnect.
- Fixed several widget height issues on netbooks.
- Limit amount of remembered client log messages to 500.
- Fixed client log view losing text format when clicking the Clear button.
- Don't open chat tab on double-click for ServerQuery clients.
- Fixed showing Device-Changed-Notification when playback or capture mode has
  been reset to default during sound system convertion.
- Automatically select top group after deleting a server- or channelgroup
- Fixed hotkey when editing/renaming "switch to channel", reported by user in
- Channel spacer weren't shown in "switch to channel" list.
- Fixed bad apply/discard check on Options Download page, which always reported
  to have changed with an empty config file.
- To resolve issues with some webservers, no longer append ?suid=<server uid>
  to banner URLs.
- Fixed reloading privilege key list after creating invitation.
- Fixed virtualserver edit dialog having "Banner gfx URL" and "URL" fields in
  wrong order.
- Double-click on Grant column in advanced permission tree will add the grant
  permission instead of the normal permission if permission was assigned yet.
- Check matching client unique identifier when opening a contextmenu from chat.
- Fixed playing connected sound after dialog about unfinished filetransfer was
- Removed showing "???" when download gets larger than listed. For example,
  when resuming an upload, while another one is downloading.
- Fixed notifications test sounds not playing when playback device was set
  to "Automatically use best mode" and "Default" device.
- Activating capture device of the server tab which previously owned the
  capture device when applying capture options, instead of activating the
  most-right server tab.
- Disable chat tabs when autoreconnecting after server connection was lost.
- Don't disable chat input field anymore when the chat partner is not
  connected to ensure offline messages can be sent and the chat text can
  be still accessed.
- When a client with an active chat tab disconnects and another visible client
  with the same client unique ID is available, reassign the chat tab to the
  other client ID to continue the chat.
- When continuing to chat with the same client UID after reconnecting to
  another server, reusing the existing chat tab.
- Fixed that a filetransfer hangs in waiting status, when file is in use.
- Return key to enter a channel will now ignore autorepeat, so the action
  triggers only once when the key is pressed down.
- Fixed filetransfer context menu "open folder" on queue item.
- Fixed showing "Transfer Completed" as tray message when cancelled.
- Fixed an issue when download contains subfolders
- Don't show the "ID not found" dialog when adding a client to a server- or
  channelgroup fails on insufficient permissions error.
- Adjusted search behaviour for permissions to find both the permission name
  and description, independent of which of them is currently displayed.
- Group sort ID now used in comboboxes in whisper and privilege key dialogs.
- Fixed printMessage plugin function with channel target.
- Couple of filetransfer fixes like: progress sorting, up-/download texts,
  filetransfer view show once...
- Fixed that playback- and capture devices only were checked when connected
- Fixed that context menu on user in channel groups appears twice
- Default font family for chat was shown wrong.
- Fixed displaying ":0" when connecting to IP.
- Fixed possible crash when autoreconnecting on a server which was previously
  connected to using an IP.
- Fixed password parameter when inviting a buddy
- Fixed no more triggering close/reopen capture devices when just changing
  PreProcessorConfigValues like voice activation state, echo cancelling etc.
- Fixed playing sound "file transfer complete" when canceling while using
  bandwidth limiter.
- No custom contextmenu when clicking on Windows titlebar
- Fixed language selection box in application options page
- Fixed showing the creation date of files in file transfer overwrite dialog.
- Added selection page for overlay and volumecontrol plugins to setup wizard,
  added check to open bookmarks/serverlist/Get own server webpage to last
  wizard page.
- Ignore ts3file:// links in URLCatcher
- If the currently used capture profile gets deleted, the default capture
  profile will be set on all connected servers using this profile.
- Fixed display of newly downloaded icons in icon viewer

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