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=== Client Release - 04 Apr 2013
+ Fixed gatekeeper signature error starting the 3.0.10 client on Mac OS X
* Updater will in addition to renaming updated DLLs and exe also move them
  to a folder "old" to avoid Qt loading the old plugin DLLs.
* Export missing requestClientEditDescription to Lua
+ Added some context menu entries into whisper history
- Stereo recording in DirectSound works properly now
- Recording from sources with more than 2 channels should downmix properly to 
  2 channels now (in stead of just using the first 2 channels)
- Adjusted default position of windows when opened for the first time when the
  position has not yet been stored.
- Added more default languages to the Mac OS X app bundle affecting the Mac
  menu, which is independant from Qt translation files. All language folders
  are now ignored by gatekeeper, so they can be safely manually added.
- Fixed Upload button of IconView dialog on Mac OS X
- Removed warning spam message on Mac OS X when connecting to a TSDNS server.
- Fixed tooltip for United Kingdom
- Fixed possible crash in Add-Hotkey dialog
- Fixed crash when right-clicking on the background area of notification
- Do not replace "-" with "−" in hostmessage dialog.
- Adjusted package installer to work properly if plugins do not follow the
  recommended name scheme of _win32.dll and _win64.dll
- Fixed possible crash when deleting profiles.
- Fixed encoding when invitation contains channel password with spaces.

=== Client Release 3.0.10 27 - Feb 2013
+ Added Opus voice and music codecs. Requires server 3.0.7 or later.
  Please note that Opus Music is not intended for general voice chat and no
  preprocessing is done when opus music is used. This means that AGC, noise
  suppression, echo cancellation etc. do not work when using Opus music.
* Updated Qt to 4.8.3 for improved Windows 8 compatibility.
* Overhauled Audio tab of channel edit dialog for new Opus Codec
* Updated client to use new permission list format as used by server 3.0.7
* Restore size and position of Complains List and Permission Overview windows.
  Changed base class of both from QDialog to QWidget.
* Added guiConnect, createBookmark, getPermissionIDByName and
  getClientNeededPermission to Lua API
* Tweaked length checks in various text fields for client and channelname.
* A spacer without a name will now be shown as an empty line.
* If a playback- or capture profile was renamed or deleted every hotkey
  depending on this profile will be adjusted.
* Changed hotkey dialog category spacer alignment to left.
* Client template can now show the update channel used by other clients.
* New option to autostart TeamSpeak on Windows startup.
* Added optional "server_uid=<suid>" parameter to ts3server links. If an
  existing bookmark with the same server UID found, the bookmarks settings
  will be used for the connection.
* Added context menu to notifications to select which sounds are important.
  The setting is global for all sound packs.
* Added context menu entry in server list to copy server address to clipboard.
* Added "Move Client to own Channel" in client context menu. 
* Added notification icon to status bar if client has unread offline messages.
* Added TS3_CONFIG_DIR environment variable to overwrite location of config
* Adjusted default size of some windows to adjust better to small and very
  large monitor resolutions.
* Added message for outgoing pokes. Can be configured in Notifications Options.
* Overhauled Tabs look on Mac OS X via default_mac.qss stylesheet.
* ts3server links are again caught for the Collected URLs
* Added confirmation when resetting custom toolbar settings to default
* Don't show server update dialog while running a fullscreen application
- Fixed upload/download slots if one slot was set to 0.
- Fixed closing hotkey dialog even though keep open was enabled.
- Fixed copy and paste client text.
- Fixed client window sizes which now depend on the screen resolution when
  opening for the first time.
- Fixed converting 3D sound positions into db.
- Fixed offline message parsing error if message was empty.
- Fixed that hotkey push button always adds in "all" hotkey profiles instead
  of the selected one.
- Fixed resizing and centering smaller gif icons to 16x16.
- Fixed that the setup wizard only configures the default hotkey profile and
  when having more than one hotkey profile a hint on the welcome page will be
  shown as a reminder.
- Fixed bb-code of server host message when message contains newlines.
- Fixed editing a hotkey but assigning the same action.
- Fixed a direct input hotkey issue when pushing two buttons at once on
  different devices.
- Fixed stuck PTT button when releasing the mouse.
- Fixed "Edit bookmark" contextmenu in bookmarks menu.
- Fixed some ts3server links issues when using cid parameter.
- Setup wizard now always uses the Standard hotkey profile in case when
  multiple hotkey profiles exist.
- Fixed UTF-8 characters in URL catcher
- Fixed possible crash sending a poke to a meanwhile disconnected client
- Fixed local mute/unmute hotkeys
- Fixed passing onClientIDsEvent and onClientIDsFinishedEvent to Plugin API
- Fixed crash when deleting a playback profile
- Fixed crash when no default sound device is present
- Fixed previously renamed onCustom3dRolloffCalculationClientEvent and
  ts3plugin_onCustom3dRolloffCalculationWaveEvent functions in test plugin.

=== Client Release - 29 Oct 2012
- Reverted running privileged behaviour which was changed for 3.0.9 and causes
  hotkeys not working with games running as administrator.
- Fixed writing whisper group targets.

=== Client Release - 25 Oct 2012
+ Added button in notifications to set all bookmark soundpacks to "default".
- Fixed converter setting "default" instead of "default female voice" so old
  bookmarks use soundpack in notifications.

=== Client Release 3.0.9 - 23 Oct 2012
+ Changed the storage format of the configuration files to a SQLite database.
  Conversion is done automatically the first time the client is started, all
  affected files will be moved to a backup folder.
+ Increased Plugin API version to 19
+ Added setClientVolumeModifier to plugin API. Min/Max volume is -50.0 to +20.0
+ Added getClientNeededPermission and getPermissionIDByName to plugin API
+ Added missing plugin API parameters for onUpdateClientEvent
+ Added parsing of channel id "cid=xyz" from invitation link. If you also give
  a channel name parameter the channel id gets priority.
  e.g. http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/voice.teamspeak.com/?cid=xyz
+ Added channel/client search in active server tree with STRG+F but only if
  the server tree has the focus. Otherwise it is the ordinary chat search.
+ Added hotkey switch to previous/next channel (channel family).
+ Added hotkey switch to previous/next channel (same level).
+ Added hotkey request talk power.
+ Added hotkey revoke all and grant next user talk power.
+ Added revoke talk power by double clicking the tree icon.
+ Added revoke talk power and revoke all and grant next user talk power toolbar
+ Added host message preview button which shows the formatted message in a
+ Added Hotkey Gamepad and Joystick compatibility for RAW and Direct Input.
  Existing Direct Input hotkeys will be converted to Raw Input once Direct
  Input is activated. Existing Raw Input hotkeys cannot be converted so they
  have to be reassigned.
+ Added date and time to server log ("*** Log begins...").
+ Added bookmarkmanager context menu "sort by name".
* After deleting an offline message the next message will be selected.
* Moved possible existing serverquery authlogin and authpassword from 
  ts3clientui_qt.conf to ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf.
* Added Made in Germany icon in About dialog.
* Chat character counter always located left of newsticker.
* Client drag&drop improvements.
* Added -silent commandline parameter to package installer.
* Package installer stores installed add-ons in addons.ini
* Modified tree behaviour to avoid scrolling up/down constantly on crowded
* Modified chat scrolling behaviour to keep the chat textoutput in place when
  new messages arrive while being scrolled up or having text selected.
* Added [hr] bbCode support to channel description.
* Added save and restore last ban reason when banning a client.
* Added offline subject and message character limit.
* When dropping many files into chat line the drop text will be just cut off at
  the end because of the chat line limit. When dropping many files into chat
  history and the message length would fit into two separate lines, the drop
  will be accepted. If the drop text is too long it will be ignored.
* Small icons will get extended and centered to at least 16x16.
* Added license display to server info (SERVER_LICENSE for template)
* Extended logging for querying TSDNS SRV records.
- Fixed context menu in channel description edit.
- Fixed HTML entities in plain chat log.
- Fixed embedding local server banner URL in [IMG] tags is no longer necessary.
  Just drop an image from file filebrowser or type a valid ts3image:// link.
- Fixed connecting to server via ts3server:// link or invitation if link
  contains a channel name.
- Fixed a reply offline message coloring issue.
- Fixed hotkey compatibility issue with keys "M" and "N".
- Fixed hotkey issue with "keyboard & mouse only" (no keys were captured).
- Fixed display of resized animated banner.
- Fixed possibily blocking ban dialog time display.
- Don't allow negative ban times.
- Fixed icon viewer grid size, which could be broken after uploading icons
  which don't have the standard size of 16x16.
- Updated b_client_is_sticky permission help text.
- Fixed unicode usage of updater uncompression tool.
- Fixed servericon not updating properly in chat tab.
- Removed legacy VAD option from capture options.
- Clear temporary statusbar message when typing chats, the max characters
  counter could overlap with tempoary help texts.
- Fixed possible crash when using the -nohotkeys parameter.
- Removed built-in serverquery Window. Future server versions do not support
  this anymore.
- Fixed max input length calculation for channel description and offine
  messages when using unicode and escaped characters.
- Fixed group sorting in channel groups of client dialog.
- Fixed saving sort column and sort order in offline messages dialog.
- Fixed that channel description editor only shows plain text.
- Fixed plugin enable/disable checkbox at plastique style.
- Fixed joining servers default channel if bookmarks default channel is full.
- Fixed copying text from info frame if text is formatted with [list] tag.
- Fixed background when dragging files from file browser.
- The offline message dialog can be opened once per server and will act on the
  servers state.
- Fixed upload/download state after resuming a transfer interrupted by error.
- Fixed transfer state after resuming an interrupted transfer and also the
  transferred size.

=== Client Release - 30 Jul 2012
+ Increased Plugin API version to 18:
  Added returnCode to flushChannelCreate|Update, changed type of permissionID
  parameters from anyID to unsigned int.
+ Mono sounds can now also be sent to just left and right (stereo) speakers.
  This is now the default setting. Select "Mono to surround" in playback
  options to get the old behaviour.
* Changing the bantime dropdown no longer adjusts the time.
* Added contextmenu to copy client version from About dialog to clipboard.
* Added SERVER_ICON, CHANNEL_ICON and CLIENT_ICON variables to info templates.
* Enable scrollbuttons on Mac tabs to avoid the window resizing when too many
  chat tabs open.
* Added Isle of Man country flag.
- Fixed possible crash when clicking on ts3server:// links with a default
  channel specified.
- Fixed banlist sorting which did not apply properly after searching.
- Reverted plain/text mimetype for client items drag&drop. Needs some more work
  on lineedits first to implement this properly.

=== Client Release 3.0.8 - 16 Jul 2012
+ Added support for SRV records when resolving domain names. Format for a SRV
  record for a TS3 server is: 
  "_ts3._udp.name TTL IN SRV priority weight port target"
  It is also possible to add a SRV record for a TSDNS server for a domain, the
  format for this is:
  "_tsdns._tcp.name TTL IN SRV priority weight port target"
  The priority when resolving is: (1) _ts3 SRV record, (2) _tsdns SRV record,
  (3) TSDNS, (4) DNS
+ Added local server banner via filetransfer.
+ Added showing the chat line limit and its typed chars.
+ Added check of containing files before deleting a channel.
+ Added after assigning a hotkey the lockable key like NUM_LOCK etc. will be
  switched back to its previous state.
+ Added notification channel deleted/edited "by the server". Please note the
  in settings.ini. Addon Sound Packs can add them too.
+ Added custom "block receiving whisper" button for toolbar.
+ Added activate/deactivate/toggle hotkeys to block receiving whispers.
+ Mac OS X: Added Apple Developer ID certificate for gatekeeper in upcoming
  Mountain Lion release.
* Clients can now be dragged from chat log.
* Enable drag&drop from "List All Clients" again. Drag applies to the selected
* Save last sorting of "List All Clients" list. Apply sorting whenever new
  clients arrive after clicking the "More" button. Nicknames are now sorted
* Show invoker if client description was edited by another client.
* Support bbCode in ts3plugin_infoData text
* Package installer only autoactivates styles if a qss file is present.
- Fixed "RenderDeviceContext" logging on Windows.
- Overhauled Delete Avatar mechanism to trigger more reliable when avatar was
  deleted by another user.
- Some typo fixes in English and German texts.
- Fixed voice test no longer ignores "vad over ptt".
- Fixed strange behavior when hammering PTT during voice test.
- Fixed changing enable/disable delayPTT and its delay value during voice test.
- Fixed using "Keyboard & Mouse" hotkey system with Synergy.
- Fixed chat line issue when opening menu e.g. via ALT+S.
- Fixed an issue with the filetransfer slots could get over the maximum of 10.
- Fixed crash when parsing a corrupt urls.dat (thanks to torzsi for the file).
  Please note: urls.dat is now called caught_urls.dat and because it got a new
  internal format, the old one will be deleted after convertion.
- Fixed displaying wrong default channel group in channelgroup permissions.
- Fixed a memory leak, which could increase memory usage drastically when
  running the client for a very long time.
- Fixed filter clear button in server/client logviews, cleaned up layouts.
- Fixed chat line edit char counter which now counts also unicode characters,
  so the displayed characters can be different from the counter.

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