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=== Server Release 3.0.8 12 Aug 2013
 ! Changed the platform string for the Mac OsX platform from "MacOSX" to "OS X"
 ! new login protocol. Old clients can not connect to this server version. (An error message will be shown)
 + added new commandline parameter "query_skipbruteforcecheck" to disable any protection for whitelisted Ip addresses for the ServerQuery interface
 + added some protection against DOS attacks due to cpu usage during login
 + only official client version strings are accepted
 + query logins are now always logged. With account name.
 + Moving virtual server between instances should now not trigger the "running elsewhere" accounting error.
 + removed dependency on libstdc++ runtime library on Linux platform
 * Fixed dependencies on newer glibc versions
 - fixed a hang on virtual server shutdown
 - fixed race condition on pending connections
 - other various bug fixes

=== Server Release 15 May 2013
 + added serverinstance_pending_connections_per_ip variable which limits the number of concurrent
   pending (=new) connections allowed from the same ip. 0 means unlimited and is the default. Set
   to non null to combat dos attacks. Be aware this causes a dos attack in itself if the attacker
   spoofs the source ip.

=== Server Release 18 March 2013
 - fixed hostinfo does not work with no running virtualserver
 - fixed server hanging after serverstop (and other) commands
 - fixed temporary passwords wont work where channel names include / or \
 * improved indentation of server query help file

=== Server Release 3.0.7 4 March 2013
 ! extended max possible permissions, newer client will be needed to use
   this server release
 ! permissionlist command got a new parameter "-new", if set the permissionlist
   will be sent in a new format
 + bans got some magic to prevent abusing
 + temporary server passwords work also if no virtualserver password is set
 + added permissions b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusvoice, b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusmusic
 - fixed bug where guest users could trigger "channel edited" or
   "server edited" events although they had no permissions to edit channels
   or servers
 - fixed problems with avatar deletion
 - fixed an assert while banning yourself
 - fixed folders could not be deleted
 - virtualserver temporary passwords are checked before normal virtualserverpassword
 - fixed bug with permission b_channel_create_modify_with_force_password
 - fixed bug with server deletion and not-existing filebase
 - fixed bug where icon deletion went wrong
 - TSDNS server is now case-insensitive
 - fixed a hang due to too many open handles in TSDNS
 - fixed missing serverquery commands in help.txt
 - fixed complainlist does not work anymore if an client was deleted

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