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Update 5.0.0-beta68


  • Changed the number of giphy attachments that can be sent to 1 at a time
  • Added information about file transfer quota usage to server, channel and clients
  • Added new configuration options for server edit on newer server versions
  • Added a note about file size limit when using drag and drop
  • Added indicator when chat connection is offline
  • Added sent message history and allow scrolling through them via Up/Down arrow keys
  • Added a warning when attempting to close the client while file transfers are still running
  • Added a typing indicator when people type in chat
  • Fixed room discovery not updating correctly
  • Fixed bookmarks using the wrong name in some cases
  • Fixed not being able to read encrypted chats after using fallback on your account
  • Fixed potential crash starting the client
  • Fixed bookmark icons being gone after client restart
  • Fixed not being able to set server avatar in some scenarios
  • Fixed download of 0 byte files
  • Fixed unread count in channel chat
  • Fixed non-ascii characters not displaying correctly when used as a hotkey
  • Fixed some styling being incorrectly applied to buttons
  • Fixed crash when closing the client while file transfers are still active
  • Improved file transfer error messages in case of system errors
  • Improved encryption handling for chats
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