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Update 5.0.0-beta63
  • Fixed title row alignment of pinned messages when opening a chat and resizing the window
  • Fixed contact list when a user in a custom category unfriends you
  • Fixed chat not working when receiving a message while flooding
  • Fixed not being able to edit own client description
  • Fixed not being able to remove server password
  • Fixed contacts being shown online when they are not
  • Fixed memory of loaded messages being freed incorrectly
  • Fixed messages containing a teamspeak:// link to not render any text
  • Rework contact and room categories
  • Added context menu to activities and chat history
  • Added assisted multi-selection of chat messages
  • Added sharing of messages to a different chat
  • Improved performance and memory usage in large chats
  • Improved buttons at the top to include options for acting on different servers
  • Changed layout of audio settings
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