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              TeamSpeak 3 - Server Changelog
             Copyright TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
           + Added feature or noticeable improvement
           - Bug fix or something removed
           * Changed or Information
           ! Important - Take note!
=== Server Release  15 august 2016
 - fixed a crash introduced in
 - fixed a deadlock in the server causing some instances to hang / be unresponsive
 - fixed a crash reported by a customer.
=== Server Release  15 august 2016
 - fixed several vulnerabilities.
=== Server Release 3.0.13  1 august 2016
 + ipv6 support
 + improved database performance
 + improved snapshot create/deploy performance
 + Enable "tcp_nodelay" option for server query (less latency)
 + bindinglist command now has a new parameter "subsystem"
 - file transfer now only accepts connections from ip addresses that have started an upload /
   download. There is a reserve of 20 slots that are allowed to connect even though that particular
   ip address did not start an upload/download. This is to support exotic client routing
   configurations like tcp load balancers.
 - fixed incorrect filetransfer port reported in instanceinfo
 - binding voice to the any address ( / 0::0), which is the default behaviour of the server,
   now supports clients connecting to all addresses instead of just the default ip of the network
 - fixed assertion in puzzle feature (Thanks to Schlumpi for helping us find this)
 - fixed virtual server log and bindinglist for voice showing multiple senseless bindings
 * file transfer now only allows an idle time of 2 seconds after connect
 * new file transfer implementation
 * updated sqlite to 3.11.1
 * sqlite db now uses WAL as journal mode
 ! the new file transfer routines on unix systems now depend on async io (aio*) routines. For
   freebsd this probably means you need to load the aio kernel module using 'kldload aio'
 ! for server query users: ftinitupload/download replies may now omit the ip parameter. If it is
   omitted, it means the transfer should be started on the same ip that was currently used by the
   server query ip.
 ! for ftinitupload/download there is now an optional "proto" parameter. See the server query manual
   for more info.

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