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-= Changelog =-
Version 6.3.0 (09.10.2016)
! Plugin API build is now 4, check out the new plugin API documentation.
  API add:
  JTS3ServerMod_Interface: isLocalClientDatabaseCacheEnabled()
  ClientDatabaseCache_Interface: deleteClientFromCache(int clientDBID)
  ArrangedPropertiesWriter: save()
+ New function: InactiveClientsCleaner
  Deletes clients (including permissions) from the TS3 database after X days inactivity (client database list cache must be enabled!).
  The JTS3ServerMod needs the TS3 permission b_client_delete_dbproperties for this function.
+ New action "group" for the IdleCheck. You don't want kick or move idle clients, but everyone should see quickly, that someone is away/idle?
  This new action is great for you. Just create a temporary server group, which just adds the server group name to the client name.
  As soon as the client is not idle anymore, the bot remove the server group from the client again.
  You can also use the JTS3ServerMod to create this server group for you. Just check out the ConfigHelp documentation.
  To use this new action, the JTS3ServerMod needs the TS3 permissions i_group_member_add_power and i_group_member_remove_power.
+ ChannelNotify can notify the same server group now. Of course the client, who triggered the notification, don't get this message.
  If now a second person from the same server group join this channel, this two clients don't get another notification,
  but all other clients of this server group outside of this channel still get a notification.
- Bugfix: The disable() method of functions was never called on !botcfgreload, if the loadConfig() method returns false.
          So cleaning stuff or stopping TimerTasks from functions was never done.
o Updated MySQL Connector/J to version 5.1.40.
o Updated plugin api documentation.
o Updated the ConfigHelp files.

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