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-= Changelog =-
Version 6.0.3 (03.03.2016)
+ InactiveChannelCheck has a new parent channel mode parentignore, which is the opposite to parentonly.
+ Bot Admins and members of server groups with the permission b_client_ignore_bans set (in most cases only the Server Admin group),
  will get a message from the JTS3ServerMod on connection, if an exception error occurred since bot start.
  A bot admin can confirm this message using the new bot command !botconfirmerrors
- Bugfix: IdleCheck tried to send the warning message every second, if an error occurred while sending it.
          Now this will be done only once, because that error needs to be solved by a bot admin first.
- Bugfix: Possible bug at the multi ip mode, some events was not put to the right thread.
          Since I can't test the multi ip mode, I need feedback if someone use it.
o Changed command order while connecting to the TS3 server.
o Changed the slow mode, it should now connect a little bit faster to the TS3 server, while another break was added to the update cache process.
o Updated the documentation

Web Interface 3.0 Build 3013 (03.03.2016)
+ New maintenance mode, enable it in the settings. You can also save an own message for it, so you don't lose the normal message.
+ Bot list shows the amount of errors in the log file for each bot within the last 24 hours now.
  You can sort it to the amount of errors on the complete bot list (for admins), bots without errors will be hidden in this case.
+ Image BBCode has set a max-width to 100% now, so you don't have to scroll horizontally on smartphones (like on big images at the welcome page).
- Bugfix: Older PHP versions (maybe 5.3 and older) are not able to read files with Windows line endings correctly. (thx to LiveSide)
          All auto update sql files changed to Unix line endings.
o Bad Channelname Check and Bad Nickname Check now use a multiline textarea, which allows you to copy and paste rules between both JTS3ServerMod editions.
  Empty lines and lines starting with the # character will be removed, like from the normal JTS3ServerMod edition.
o Changed or added files: images/logview_alert.png, include/botlist.php, include/settings.php, include/welcome.php,
                          include/formularfunctions.php, include/functions/badchannelnamecheck.php, include/functions/badnicknamecheck.php,
                          templates/bbcode.tmpl, templates/botlist.tmpl, templates/botlist_all.tmpl, templates/botlist_admin.tmpl,
  templates/botlist_row.tmpl, templates/botlist_all_row.tmpl, templates/settings.tmpl,
  index.php, sql/default.sql, sql/autoupdate/*.sql (all files in this directory)

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