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-= Changelog =-
Version 6.0 Beta 2 (15.01.2016)
+ Welcome Message has a new chat command. The old test command was renamed to vars and the new test command send you the current saved welcome message,
  ignoring the show on connection number setting. (thx to SuiciniV)
+ Server Group Notify is now able to check the client connection count to decide if something has to be notifed. Works like at the Welcome Message. (thx to KGBGaming)
+ If a ts3 server permission is missing, the permission name is now written to the bot log (if the bot was able to load the permission list).
- Bugfix: Welcome Message show on connection number feature didn't worked correctly in some cases.
- Bugfix: Server Group Protection add and remove commands now write back an error message, if you try to add or remove someone to/from an unprotected server group.
o Server Group Protection add and remove commands now also works for normal bot admins,
  but can only add or remove someone from the normal server groups (and not the query or template groups).
o Almost all functions are now allowed while slow mode is activated. You only get a warning in the bot log now.
  In general make sure that you don't use to much functions, if the bot is not whitelisted.
o Updated the documentation

Web Interface 3.0 Build 3011 (15.01.2016)
o Simplified mail address checking, no more error messages because of the new TLDs. (thx to Broesel01 and UncleSam)
o Updated and fixed some outdated messages
o Changed or added files: include/formularfunctions.php, sql/default.sql, sql/autoupdate/3011.sql

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