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=== Client Release 3.1.1 02 Feb 2017
! Plugin API version updated to 22. Version 21 plugins will continue to work.
+ New hotkey backend
  + New Plugin API to allow plugins to "provide" new hotkey input
  + Mouse Button 4 and 5 support on Linux
  + Improved cross-platform keyboard key mapping to better handle keys
    on non US keyboards
  - Fixed a bug that would cause the client to lose the ability
    to handle hotkeys on Mac after an update using the built-in updater
  ! Hotkeys created using Client 3.1.1 are not compatible with or below
  ! Moved Gamepad and Joystick support from the client to a plugin. This plugin
    is available in myTeamSpeak and will be automatically installed.
+ Improvements to Windows Audio Session sound backend
* Added some informative tooltips and dialogs to myTeamSpeak dialogs, trying to
  explain what "Stay logged in on this computer" and "Synchronization" features
  do, as this apparently caused some user confusion.
* Changed behavior in myTeamSpeak options page. Apply settings immediately
  instead of waiting for Apply/Ok click.
* Added openglblacklist.json trying to workaround broken OpenGL drivers of
  some graphic cards, forcing software renderer mode.
* Added help texts to sync item collision dialogs to explain how a collision
  happened and how to resolve it.
- TSDNS fixes to workaround issues with broken routers. Using Google DNS
  servers as fallback.
- Fixed channel subscriptions of non-existant channels bloating bookmark sync
  data. Bookmarks will auto-cleanup themselves on connect.
- Open external links in online addons browser widget in external browser.
- Limit channel auto-subscription to 500 channels to avoid exceeding maximum
  server packet size.
- Fixed filetransfer from password-protected channels.
- Fixed updater UAC detection on Windows.
- Treat empty profiles in plugin API guiConnect function as "use default
  profiles", fixing issue in Overwolf apps.
- Reimplemented plugin API call getBookmarkList, added demo code to test plugin
- Fixed crash in plugin API sendFile function when passing a nullptr as return
- Fixed opening the recovery key dialog from statusbar icon when sync data
  failed to decrypt.
- Increased settings.db version to 7 due to new hotkey backend.
- Fixed various crashes found through the crashdump upload system.
- Fixed third icon in badges setup dialog not showing the proper badge.
- Various fixes to importing pre-3.1 hotkeys.
- Fixed certain unicode characters in bookmark nickname to trigger the "unsaved
  changes" dialog even if there was no change. Closing the bookmarks dialog
  with "Ok" once will fix existing bookmarks.
- Fixed clearing cache during a running client session breaking badges.
- Fixed server- and clientlog filter list breaking on entries including
- Fixed port being ignored in bookmarks using IPv6 addresses.
- Added "Cancel" button to myTeamSpeak account setup dialog.
- Fixed pressing escape not deleting the key in a hotkey dialog created by
  the plugin API requestHotkeyDialog.
- Fixed a crash in the ClientQuery Plugin.
- When a style is uninstalled, the client now switches back to default.
- When a soundpack is uninstalled, the combobox for selection is now updated
- Sound packs can now use relative paths again to reference to default sound
  pack files
- Default sound pack gets updated immediately upon installation through addon
- Addons are now sorted by name in the addon options

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